Grant Recipients

Holocaust Issues

Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. Today Selfhelp cares for a greater number of
Holocaust survivors than any other organization in North America. As this
population continues to age, their needs are more pressing than ever, especially in
the area of home care. Selfhelp’s continuing commitment is to be the “last
remaining relative,” of any survivor of Nazi persecution who asks for assistance.
The Walter Foundation’s support provides the services to help make it possible for
these elders to continue to live independently in their own apartments.

About Face  is a feature-length documentary underwritten by the Walter
Foundation  that tells the story  of young Jewish immigrants who fled Hitler’s regime
in  Germany and Austria, only to perform an "about face," returning to confront
their oppressors as American GI's and British Tommie's in World War II. "About
Face" depicts the uniquely powerful and unexpected experiences of the Jewish
refugees-turned soldiers who fought with distinction in the US and Allied Armed